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Building a Better Deck: Tim's Switch to Trex Composite Decking

When German home improvement influencer's decking began to fade after just two years, he found a superior solution in Trex composite decking.

May 29, 2024
Foggy Wharf Deck

After just two years, home improvement influencer Tim of buildmyhomebytm noticed that his wood plastic composite (WPC) decking was already fading. Unwilling to wait for further aesthetic and durability issues to arise, he began searching for a better alternative. Upon receiving a sample pack from Trex, he was 'immediately won over' by its aesthetics, durability, and sustainable properties. As he planned and built his new deck, he discovered even more reasons he made the right material decision this time for his outdoor space.

Foggy Wharf Deck from ariel view

Decking Material Selection Process

To replace the fading boards of his deck, Tim chose Trex Enhance® Naturals composite decking in the soft gray Foggy Wharf color. This modern, neutral hue features a mix of light and dark silver shades that complement the exterior of his home while the authentic graining blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings of the outdoor space.

The wood grain and high-quality look of the product line immediately won me over. The natural-looking color gradient allows the terrace to blend in with the rest of the design of the house and garden for a harmonious overall look.

Trex Enhance is a low-maintenance, attainably priced decking option that offers durability and protection against fading and staining. Differentiating this collection is a scalloped profile that is lighter weight for easier handling. But for Tim, the biggest advantage of the decking is its protective shell.

Like all Trex decking, Enhance boards are sustainably made with up to 95% recycled materials and feature a proprietary, high-traffic formulation and ultra-durable integrated shell. They won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter like wood – and upkeep is hassle-free. No sanding, staining or painting is ever needed, and spills wash off easily with just soap and water. Enhance boards are also backed by a 25-year warranty against fading and staining, so Matyla won’t have to worry about having to replace his deck again.

The sanding and staining that has to be carried out annually on wooden decking is completely unnecessary with Trex Enhance. Soap and water are sufficient for cleaning which leaves more time to enjoy your terrace and not associate it with work.

Foggy Wharf Deck from ariel view

Helpful Planning and Installation Tools for Your Deck Project

For Tim, Trex proved to be much more than a perfect product choice but also a trusted partner. Over the course of his deck build, he utilized many of the online tools and resources available on the Trex website.

First, he used the Trex Cost Calculator. With this tool he was able to visualize the planned terrace “with surprising ease” and get a cost estimate for materials based on the anticipated size, shape and features of his project. The accomplished DIYer also closely consulted the Trex Installation Guide throughout the build to ensure proper installation.

“The process of laying the boards was very pleasant and quick,” he explained. “I was able to cut and lay them myself without any problems. The high quality of the product is particularly noticeable when cutting the materials to size. The boards were easy to trim and didn’t leave any visible cut edges.”

Tim also credits the Trex® Universal Fastener Installation Tool for making the installation process easy and efficient. Created with both professionals and DIYers in mind, this tool cuts installation time in half by allowing the installer to fully actuate each fastener in one easy step. With a specially designed nose cone and unique drive angle, it makes sure the drill bit accurately hits the fastener head and allows the installer to fully tighten each clip and still easily slide the next board into place. Using the exclusive Trex Hideaway® Fastening System, Tim was able to achieve a clean, fastener-free deck surface.

Foggy Wharf Deck from ariel view

What to Consider When Picking Your Decking Materials

For anyone considering composite decking for their home, Tim says his absolute top tip is to compare the features of different products carefully. “I should have done this when I bought my first deck,” he said. “Focus on materials that are high quality, stylish and durable enough to last a long time. This helps both your wallet and the environment in the end.”

Today, Tim's new Trex terrace serves as an extension of his home and has become a favorite place for his family to relax, entertain and play with their dog. In his words, “Thanks to the robust and sturdy material of the decking, we can do it all!”

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